Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sweet Revenge for Michael Domingo

For the past months, Michael Domingo is so vocal about of getting back what was lost on his friend Z Gorres last year. Promising a sweet revenge in the offing was Domingo's mission of giving Luis Melendez a good fight and a knocking him out as what the latter did on Z Gorres last year that put Z Gorres out of the boxing world. It was a life threatening injury that Gorres suffered. And now, the fight is on, Domingo has the golden chance of putting this Colombian to rest.

In the first round, Domingo was simply the aggressive fighter between the two. He was chasing Melendez all over the ring and winds up with a lot of combinations in the body and in the head. In the second round, Domingo was again the aggressor and making perfect combination with accurate punching. Melendez vows to be staggered. But a left hook connected by Domingo on Melendez body, puts the Colombian into the canvass prompting the referee to count him out. It was a sweet victory for Michael Domingo that after the win, he turned into Z Gorres at ringside simply saying that "This one is for you" and Z Gorres replying up with his thumbs up on Domingo for a mission completed.


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