Sunday, May 23, 2010

Game 3 an Easy Win For the Boston Celtics

It was when the Celtics build a 17 point lead and JJ Reddick threw an errand pass to Michael Pietrus that was deflected in the backcourt. Chasing down to the ball is Jason Williams of the Magic unaware of Rajon Rondo's pursuit of the ball. Williams pick the ball but Rondo dove for the ball and making a spectacular play on getting the ball on Williams' hands, dribbled it and went on for the layup. This hustle play summarizes the game that the C's wanted more than the Magic. Hustling, putting defensive plays, Perkins' impeccable defense on Howard, harassing the outside shooters and the will to win was the game that the Celtics played. They were superb and impressive with the way they controlled the game. The Magic was nowhere to be found and made a disappearing act in this game with Howard scoring just 7 points, as the Celtics cruised to a win on game 3, 94-71 and are four quarters away of entering into the NBA finals again.


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