Friday, May 14, 2010

Garnett Carries Celtics Eliminate Cavaliers

"Our Season Never Ends here, We can be excited in one night, winning one game, winning a season, but that's not going to be our season. Our goal is to win the championship", a statement from Paul Pierce of the Boston Celtics after eliminating the Cleveland Cavaliers in the playoffs. He make up from his playoff series slump in the series with an impressive game 5 and a decent game 6 performance. Nobody expected this to happen for the Boston Celtics after such a roller coaster ride in the regular season. But that was forgettable and now they are back into contention, a different team from the regular season and a similar team that won the championship two years ago.

Kevin Garnett, remains to be the puzzle unsolved by the Cavaliers, leads the go-ahead win for the Boston Celtics, ending up the championship hopes of Lebron James. Garnett scored 22 points and 12 rebounds while Rajon Rondo added 21 points and 12 assists as the Celtics finished the Cavaliers, 94-85. Lebron James falls short once again for his dreamed NBA Championship but was spectacular with this one. He makes up in his game 5 disappearing act performance, having a standout, triple-double performance of 27 points, 19 rebounds and 10 assists but had 9 turnovers. He keeps fighting back but only to fall short off the Celtics run in the 4th quarter. This could be the end of Lebron James suiting up with the Cleveland Cavaliers. He could be traded in the off-season. But for the Boston Celtics, the challenge has now been announced and will be facing the Orlando Magic in the Eastern Conference Finals.


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