Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Renewing Rivalry: Boston Celtics Vs Los Angeles Lakers

Renewed domination and Renewed Rivalry between this two teams promises to be a history in the making. The Lakers lived up from the expectation of all NBA experts that they will make a run in this years finals. With the added firepower of Ron Artest, the Lakers is one of the early favorites to win the championship. There are also teams that has a higher ranking to make it to the Finals. Among them, is the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Dallas Mavericks. But basketball is a game where proper execution and mental toughness should be the key, the Cavs and the Mavs where nowhere to have that and was knocked out in contention.

The emergence of the Boston Celtics in the playoffs are the big surprise. They renewed dominance with the way they play in the playoffs. The energy is as high as the experience they feel in the last 2008 Championship, where they are the NBA Champions. With the look of it, the C's have found the energy and the antidote to proved their critics wrong.

Redemption is the main reason why the Lakers could be this years Championship team. Losing in 2008 finals with this the same team is a major edge in this years finals. The Lakers are the more hungry between this two teams. And the look of it, they will avenge that loss in 2008.

Fearless Forecast: Lakers will capture the championship within 6 games.


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