Sunday, June 6, 2010

Cotto TKO's Foreman to Win the Superwelterweight Title

It was an ugly win for Miguel Cotto but he will take it by redeeming himself after that loss on Manny Pacuqiao to capture his 4th world title in 4 weight division stopping the former champion Yuri Foreman in the 9th round. The win gave Cotto a very important feat in his illustrious career, making him a world champion again in the Superwelterwight Division. The fight was as hard as Cotto thought as Foreman uses his speed and agility to manuever Cotto in a lot of angles and making Cotto pay whenever the latter will go for a brawl. From the first to six rounds, Foreman was in the match until an unavoidable excuse happen. Foreman hit the deck and injured his leg. It was a sudden change of strategy for the injured Foreman as he has no side-to-side movements this time and he can continue only if he will engage on a brawl with Cotto. The fight was then in the advantage of Miguel Cotto, hitting Foreman with a barrage of combination. Courageous Foreman but he cannot stop Cotto from punishing him. The Cotto could have stopped a little early in the 8th round after the corner of Foreman throw a towel at the boxing ring, that could be the end of the fight. But referee Arthure Mercante Jr ruled it as void and the fight would push through. Battled-down, Foreman refuses to surrender but he was getting tagged and hit by Cotto at times and his legs are not as strong with the injury. The end happen when Cotto hit Foreman a left hook at the body sending the former champion to the canvass. It is the end of the fight much to the delight of Miguel Cotto.


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